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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Small Group Trips to Italy

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Small Group Trips to Italy | LocalWonders

It’s often said that good things come in small packages – and it’s true! – for both holiday gifts and for group tours.

At LocalWonders Travel, we pride ourselves on the intimate size of our group trips to Italy. In many ways, booking with us is like opting for a boutique shopping experience instead of a mega-mall.

Smaller group sizes translate into many advantages for travellers looking for attentive service and flexible experiences. You can still look for all the same wonders and delights, but they’ll be curated for you with the utmost care and attention.

Less is more!

When we say we offer small-than-average group tours to Italy, we mean it! Many of our peers lead groups of 30 or 40 through the streets of Italy. At LocalWonders, our groups never have more than 10 guests, and the result is that our clients feel like they’re discovering Italy with a group of friends.

Our small groups still get all the benefits of group travel, like: better access to attractions, discounted ticket prices, and skip-the-line entry, but there’s more! Smaller groups mean more flexibility and free time so our clients have ample opportunities to explore on their own.

Host with the most

Small groups can run very efficiently, but even more so when they’re led by professional Italy local leaders who are experienced and knowledgeable. And that’s us! But don’t expect clipboards and rigorous roll calls on our tours: we pride ourselves on warm welcomes, enthusiasm, a slower pace, and lots of fun.

Our guests rave that our local leaders feel more like really well-educated friends who show them around. As your hosts, we will take care of all the details and help you discover the heart of our beautiful country.

Time to smell the flowers

Our small groups allow for a much more comfortable pace wherever we go. Large groups need to be managed and facilitated to stay on track, but our small groups can quickly and easily move between stops on the itinerary. Whether you’re visiting an ancient church or medieval castle, being part of a small group allows for everyone to ask questions. You won’t feel lost in the crowd and you’ll get to explore like a local.

Flexibility and fun

Our Italy travel groups are intimate, each one a carefully planned authentic Italian experience. It’s much easier to keep pace with a small group that can easily accommodate the needs and wishes of all eight to 10 travellers.

So if you all agree you want to linger a bit longer over a fresh Limoncello on the Amalfi Coast or take a little more time learning about vertical agriculture in the vineyards near Ca’ du Ferrà, you can!

Conversely, if everyone’s done walking around the incredible cubist homes perched on the rocky hillside of the Sassi in Matera then a small group can head on to the next adventure.

Custom adventures

Not everyone wants to pick a travel tour package, and we get that. Life would be boring if we were all the same! This is why in addition to our popular small group trips to Italy we also offer a tailor-made Italy tour option for those seeking to write their own Italian adventure story.

We’re happy to help you create your very own custom tour for your own private small group (wine, food, culture, art, architecture, sports, fashion – oh, the possibilities!). Give us some ideas about what you’d like to see and do and our professional trip planners will get to work designing your Italy trip.

There’s no better way to enjoy an authentic (and hassle-free!) Italy experience than with LocalWonders Travel. Our small group tours to Italy offer exceptional value for discerning travellers. Contact us today to learn more or to book your own Italy tour now!

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